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Arafa Center in Chad wins ISESCO Prize for Literacy and Education

lace (UNA) - The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) allocated the ISESCO Prize for the Eradication of Literacy and Non-Formal Education for the Benefit of Civil Society Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations in French-speaking Member States for the year 2019, to the Arafa Center from the Republic of Chad. The Arafa Center in the Republic of Chad was crowned with the award, in recognition of its services, which, since its establishment in 2000, have centered around memorizing the Qur’an for women, men, youth, and girls, including students, employees, immigrants, workers, and merchants living in the areas and villages adjacent to the center, as well as for providing literacy lessons, where it teaches the beneficiaries the principles. Primary reading, writing and arithmetic, in addition to the center’s involvement in literacy campaigns organized by the Ministry of National Education and Citizenship Development in the Republic of Chad for six months annually. It is noteworthy that ISESCO allocates its Literacy Prize alternately every year to civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations working in this field in member states that speak Arabic, English and French. The Association for the Advancement of Women and Child Welfare in the Republic of The Gambia won the award in 2018, which is allocated to English-speaking member states. (End) pg/h p

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