Chairman of the Supreme Permanent Committee organizing the Qatar Economic Forum: Signing 20 agreements during the forum’s activities

Doha (UNA/QNA) - Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah bin Khalifa Al Thani, Chairman of the Permanent Supreme Committee organizing the Qatar Economic Forum, revealed that the activities of the fourth edition of the forum, scheduled for the period from the fourteenth to the sixteenth of this May, will witness the signing of 20 memorandums of understanding. , including 18 international ones, compared to 10 memorandums signed in the previous version.

The Chairman of the Committee said, during a press conference today, during which he highlighted the latest preparations for the launch of the Forum, that the Forum is witnessing a qualitative shift from one session to another, translated by the number of agreements of an international nature that took the Forum as a platform to reveal them, in addition to the great demand it is witnessing from the actors. Politicians and economists at the global level. It is expected that 2300 people will participate in the forum, including 1300 active leaders in international companies and structures, in addition to 200 media outlets, most of them foreign.

He described the Qatar Economic Forum as the fastest growing in terms of participation at the regional and international levels, noting that the participants’ discussions over the three days of the conference will focus on topics related to geopolitics, globalization, trade, energy transformation, technological innovation, business foresight, investment, sports and entertainment, within the framework of continuing the effects of... The major changes in the fields of technology, energy, trade, and politics that the world is witnessing, especially since the developments witnessed in 2024 will have far-reaching repercussions on the global economy.

Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah bin Khalifa Al Thani explained that attendance at the Qatar Economic Forum activities will be through personal invitations, given the large attendance requests that exceeded all expectations, indicating that the organizing committee has taken a number of measures to ensure the attendance of the largest number of those wishing by providing platforms. to follow.

For his part, Jassim Mohammed Al-Khouri, CEO of Media City Qatar and head of the media team in the Supreme Permanent Committee organizing the Qatar Economic Forum, praised the strategic partnership with Bloomberg Media Group, which extends for years, anticipating the arrival of more than 100 representatives of the global and international press, which will expand the scope of coverage. Media forum. He praised the important role played by the Media Committee and its interest in achieving the objectives of the Forum and achieving the Media City strategy.

In turn, Mubarak bin Ajlan Al Kuwari, Executive Director of the Permanent Committee for Organizing Conferences at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Head of the Logistics Team in the Supreme Permanent Committee organizing the Qatar Economic Forum, said that the registration process has been unified and facilitated through a unified system and the issuance of entry cards to all participants, to ensure the smoothness and speed of joining the forum, in addition to To provide tourism programs in cooperation with Qatar Tourism and Qatar Museums.

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