Kazakhstan.. Huge opportunities and potential for profitable foreign investments

Astana (Yona) - when you Years independence, did Kazakhstan With a lot of Work in section Investment. in Contracts First of SovereigntyAnd Neil independence, I accepted Republic Actively عروض Investors Aliens For investment in Projects promising New.

in the years formative, she was Kazakhstan need To Support external, It was flow Investment The foreigner . Which Can , constribte indevelopment methodology For economy country, and even To Limit what, Become Engine for growth.

Today, تقدم Kazakhstan Opportunities New And potential Huge For investment Profitable. occupy Republic A site Whatever strategically, and enjoy With an environment.عمال favorable, and protection rights Investors And incentives Investment.

in framework strategy Investment patriotism, focus Activities Attract Investment on sectors self priority in Economie Kazakhstan. Includethis Industries food, And processing deep for metal, and minerals, And chemistry petrochemicals, And engineering mechanical.

It is worth it Signal To , مسألة Attract Investments الأجنبية To Economy مسألة Mission in أي country in the scientist, Not فقط the countries developing,But Also the countries advanced I entered Race on Investment The foreigner.

until right Now, Override حجم Investment The foreigner direct in Kazakhstan 20 One billion dollar, it was release 47 legitimate new Share foreignin Engineering mechanical and energy renewable and minerals والزراعة In the amount of 1.1 One billion dollar, it was events  4.5 one thousand Function. in Time Himself,she was Countries Invested Home she Countries european (in The place the first هولندا و French و Switzerland و بلجيكا و Britain Great)، ToSide the states United Nations And well Korea Southern and Turkey And China.

يتم تزويد Investors in Republic Kazakhstan With a group perfect of Services on Basis principle "Window one"- of Search ,idea came To start running The project.  Done Building "structure Substratum soft" comfortable: of Work on Clarification Legislation kazakh, and proceduresInteraction with Agencies governmental To The library in made the decision and reduce Burden Administrative.

included Country For investors stability Contracts concluded, and provide Circumstances soft system Visas and chance To attract experts Aliens for work. يتمImplementation of نظام Administration Relations The clients For information And monitoring, And who includes all agreements, And maps The Road which يتم developed To implement it, and doneDesignation mission For all Participants in the operation with الهيئات Executive central And local To the state.

يتم to provide the opportunity for work in framework the law English - on Studyshoot Platform center Astana financial International subordinate for foundation Finance International (GetsInvestors on Guarantee to protect Rights Building on Antecedents judicial, and done to provide preferences additional automatically: Advantages Tax Reach To50 years, And systems Currency simplified, And a visa work). Today, Establishment Finance International she center regional لتطوير Tools Finance greenAnd Islamic And innovative.

included Government Kazakhstan Support لك For a project My investment Big Aim to To open amenities Produce Modern High the quality, And he paid Development printingthe information, And create Institutions innovative contribute in progress Dynamic للبلاد.

in General   2024، will be Exemption Investors Whose They invest in section manufacturing in Kazakhstan of Taxes For three Years.  وتهدف this Measures To Attract Investors And create Circumstances Work the most Comfort in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan country Attractive For investment Because Signed Geographic in , he is called "center Eurasia"، And well with Considerate Preferences which you advanceCountry in framework areas economic Especiallysystem. (passes أكثر of 3000 kilometer of Origin 10000 kilometer of initiative "belt One, road." Through Lands kazakhstan, Than makes it Part Whatever of The Road Wild the main corridor Europe Western - الصين). هناك 13 Areaeconomic Especially و24 Area Industrial in kazakhstan, Which Excuse me Investors of Species different of Taxes And fees Customs duties.

for several contracts, Take care Kazakhstan on improvement Services logistics, using Location Geographic And its closeness of China, with concentration In a mannerPurposeful on Conversion أراضيها To center Crossing For the continent Eurasian  (of when you Lands Kazakhstan هناك Possibility الوصول To marketregional for more of  500 Million consumer, what in that Market the Union Economic Eurasian with أكثر of 180 Million consumer,And markets Asia Central with 50 Million person, And west الصين with 300 Million Person and trade with Countries Sea Caspian with أكثر of 150 Million Person)

in General 2023، نما The resulting the local Total For Kazakhstan in the rate of  5.1٪. on though of Consequences Negativity For conflict in ukraine, Expectthe bank International a plus in The resulting the local Total For Kazakhstan in 2024- 2025 in the rate of 4.5-5 ٪ annually Because expansion inCapacity Productivity and more Produce The oil.  كما , contain inflation Command fan.

وفي نظام Penalties imposed on the Union Russian, has increased Recruitment the countries european For a road النقل International transit To the sea Caspian. And it went down supplies export And import Home on Transit between the Union European And China (in General 2023، reach حجم charges2.76 Million tons, and he , Increase in the rate of  65 ٪ , General 2022)

And to increase Capabilities road النقل International transit To the sea Caspian, she decided أذربيجان And Kazakhstan in مارس 2024 build up Box investmentsubscriber of like , Helps in Development Structure Infrastructure For ports in The two countries on Sea Caspian.

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