The Foreign Minister affirms the world's interest in investing in the Republic of Somalia

Mogadishu (INA) - Somali Minister of Foreign Affairs and Investment, Abdirahman Duali Belleh, revealed that countries and organizations have begun to be interested in investing in his country, at a time when the federal government is reclaiming all regions of the Republic of Somalia, according to what was published by the Voice of Somalia news website yesterday afternoon, Friday. Duali Billeh said: A number of countries and international organizations are closely following the improvement of security in our country, which is located in a strategic region of the seas and vast areas of fertile land. There are countries that have reopened their embassies in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, which has a positive impact on the return of investments as quickly as possible. Available time. The Minister of Foreign Affairs indicated that the country's workforce will take advantage of these opportunities to revive the Somali economy. Since the fall of the central government in the early 1990s, Somalia has been suffering from backwardness and political divisions. (End) Omar Farah

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