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The King Salman International Academy for the Arabic Language opens the door for accepting the second batch to study at the (Abjad) Center for Teaching Arabic to Speakers of Other Languages

Riyadh (UNA) - The King Salman International Academy for the Arabic Language announced the reception of the second batch of those wishing to join the (Abjad) Center for Teaching Arabic to Speakers of Other Languages. To enable them to acquire the culture of the Arabic language, and to help them integrate into society through an attractive educational environment, and registration is open for participants from February 15, 2024 AD until March 15, 2024 AD, provided that the study takes place in person on the first of next September, and the program is compatible with the objectives of the Human Capacity Development Program. (One of the programs of Saudi Vision 2030), and it falls within the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to support the Arabic language and spread its culture globally. Providing distinguished education in an attractive cultural environment.

The program includes four educational levels that comply with the European framework (A1, A2, B1, B2), and the duration of each level is two months, meaning a total of eight months. Each level consists of (160) educational hours, an average of twenty hours per week, in addition to cultural activities. Enrichment, and those wishing to join the program can register through the link (click Home – meeting the conditions set by the complex, the program will provide learners with the costs of tuition fees, housing, and transportation.

The Academy aims - through this center - to provide a qualitative program designed in accordance with the best international standards in language teaching, and to spread the Arabic language and Saudi Arabian culture globally. By providing access to its heritage, customs, and traditions, and learning about its tourist and archaeological areas, by: providing enrichment activities, excursion programs, and visits that enhance education and the acquisition of Saudi Arabian culture.

The educational program provides a model that combines learning the Arabic language and its culture, with learners’ participation in conversations, the exchange of opinions and oral and written interactions. To express themselves and their feelings, practice the language in different linguistic situations inside and outside the program, use media and social networking in communicative and deliberative functions, and obtain information and different points of view in Arabic.

The Academy seeks to achieve four specifications for graduates of the program, which are: practicing Arabic language skills at a level of performance consistent with the program’s objectives, employing the characteristics of the written and oral Arabic language in the linguistic tasks performed by the learner, and communicating linguistically and socially in the Arab environment in many vital situations and different linguistic contexts. In addition to identifying the most prominent aspects of Arab and Saudi culture.

Among the things the Academy is working on in this program are: attracting a distinguished group of male and female students from all over the world. A service to spread the Arabic language, achieve cultural and civilizational diversity among countries, and enhance solidarity between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the countries of the world. Academic seats will be allocated to applicants who meet the admission conditions, which are: The applicant must have a high school diploma or a higher educational qualification, and not have obtained a bachelor’s degree. Another scholarship from one of the educational institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and he must not have been dismissed from one of them, and the age of the applicant must not be less than (18) years, in addition to passing the personal interview conducted for those accepted (remotely).

It is noteworthy that in the first version of this program, the number of registered students exceeded (16) thousand applicants from various countries of the world, representing more than (30) nationalities, while the program aims to accept (150) learners who meet the conditions, and the program relies on the curriculum of integrated study units. Which includes language elements and skills, and aims for the learner to eventually become able to clarify concepts related to the Arabic language’s structures, vocabulary, sounds, and spelling, apply Arabic language skills and elements in speaking and writing, and discover the most prominent aspects of Saudi and Arab culture. Upon completion of the educational program, the learner will be granted A certificate of passage approved by the complex.

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