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Algeria.. Praise for the measures approved by President Tebboune for the benefit of the national media

Algeria (UNA) - On Sunday in Algiers, a number of media professionals and professionals praised the measures announced by Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune during his supervision of the ceremony for handing over the ninth edition of the President of the Republic’s Professional Journalist Award to the benefit of the national media, stressing that these measures will give a strong impetus to the profession. Press and national media.

In this context, the General Director of the Orizon newspaper, Ms. Nadia Karaz, stated to the Algerian News Agency that the measures announced by the President of the Republic “will give a strong impetus to the national media sector and the journalism profession.” These measures also confirm “the President of the Republic’s interest in the media sector” and his keenness to “promote Journalistic work, developing the profession and raising the level of its performance.”

In turn, the publishing director of the “La Nouvelle Republique” newspaper, Abdel-Wahab Jacquon, stated that these measures confirm the President of the Republic’s fulfillment of “his obligations with regard to supporting the press and media sector,” adding in the same context that these measures “will encourage and revitalize the sector” and make it “up to the challenges it faces on the National and international level.”

In the same context, the Secretary-General of the Media Federation, which falls under the banner of the General Union of Algerian Workers, Ahmed Bouchareb, “appreciated” these measures, highlighting that they “will contribute to promoting media work and preserving job positions in the media sector.”

The National Syndicate of Journalists, through its Secretary General Kamal Amarni, also welcomed these measures, which go to “the heart of the concerns of the national media family,” stressing that these measures “will revitalize the journalism sector and enable many media institutions to overcome their difficult financial situation.”

For his part, the President of the National Organization of Sports Journalists, Youssef Tazir, appreciated these measures, which express “President Tebboune’s interest in the national press and his keenness to improve its performance,” and also translate the President of the Republic’s emphasis “on the African dimension of Algeria by encouraging the national press to cover various continental sports competitions.” .

Tazir praised the naming of press centers in stadiums after sports journalists.

In the same context, the Dean of the Faculty of Communication at the University of Tipaza, Brice Khalifa, highlighted that the measures announced by the President of the Republic “contribute significantly to promoting media work” and “achieving comfort in national media institutions.”

It is noteworthy that the President of the Republic had announced today, while supervising the ceremony of awarding the President of the Republic Award to Professional Journalists in its ninth edition, on the occasion of National Press Day, in a speech read on his behalf by the Minister of Communication, Mohamed Laqab, a number of measures for the benefit of the national media as a form of non-governmental support. Direct.

Among these measures, the President of the Republic mentioned reducing the cost of the Algerian News Agency tape for the benefit of the national media, as well as reducing the value-added tax, provided that its percentage and related measures are determined in the supplementary finance law.

The President of the Republic also decided to reduce the cost of housing websites at Algeria Telecom by a rate ranging between 33 and 36 percent, while increasing its capacity and reducing the rental price in the Press House. He announced the launch of naming press centers in stadiums after sports journalists, as well as reducing ticket prices via Air Algerie for the benefit of sports journalists. Those charged with covering African competitions.

President Tebboune also decided to assign the Minister of Communication and the Communications Directorate of the Presidency of the Republic to prepare “a study to relaunch the Press Support Fund” and to prepare “a vision for organizing the advertising market.”

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