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The Saudi Minister of Information meets with the President of the Union of Arab News Agencies and members of the Union’s General Secretariat

Riyadh (UNA/SPA) - Saudi Information Minister Salman bin Youssef Al-Dosari met in his office in Riyadh today, the President of the Federation of Arab News Agencies, and members of the Federation’s General Secretariat, on the occasion of the regular meeting of the Authority.

During the meeting, Al-Dosari stressed the influential role of national news agencies at the internal and external levels, as a reliable source in reporting and covering events with credibility, at a time when the media space is witnessing the spread of false information, stressing the importance of integrating the coordination and development role of Arab news agencies, and benefiting from various publishing platforms. In order to achieve a wider spread of its media message.

The members of the General Secretariat of the FANA Union expressed their thanks and appreciation to the Minister of Information for the warm reception in the Kingdom, and for preparing ways to produce results that contribute to the development of Arab media work, praising the development and growth the Kingdom is witnessing at various levels, and it has become an influential global center and a destination for the most prominent international events. .

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