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Bahrain TV.. 50 years of media leadership

Manama (UNA/BNA) - The inauguration of the new main studio of the news center and the opening of the private broadcasting studios building represent a distinguished quantum leap in the continuous development process witnessed by radio and television in the Kingdom of Bahrain, thanks to the continuous support and attention given by the King of Bahrain, King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. And the generous patronage of Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, in order to advance the national media message and advance its components, based on a comprehensive vision that made establishing freedom of opinion and expression an essential pillar for the sustainability of the path of development and progress in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The inauguration of the new main studio of the news center and the building of private radio studios reflects the belief of the King of the country in the positive role played by the national media as an important tributary to enhance the gains of the development and democracy process and consolidate its foundations, through its conscious influence and its enlightening role in enhancing participation and mobilizing the forces of society to advance various plans and programs. Development to achieve its ambitious goals towards more prosperity and progress, which contributed to strengthening the status of Bahrain TV as a national media edifice that accompanied the various stations that the Kingdom went through in its modern history, and became part of the conscience of society and its cultural and civilizational memory.

The project of opening the new main studio for the news center in the Ministry of Information complex also consolidates the pioneering position enjoyed by Bahrain TV as one of the great media edifices in the region, as it is the largest project at the level of official channels in the region, with the latest technologies in the world, including: XNUMXD designs and augmented reality technology, which will radically change news bulletins and programs, and highlight them in a new look that keeps pace with the requirements of the modern era and its innovative technologies, as it is equipped with the latest technologies and modern devices to accommodate the rapid developments in television production and coverage of major local, regional and international events, which constitutes A distinguished qualitative leap in news production in the Kingdom of Bahrain, in form and content.

This achievement coincides with the decision of the fifty-third regular session of the Council of Arab Information Ministers, which was held in the city of Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco, last June, to choose “Manama as the Capital of Arab Media 2024”, which reflects the extent of appreciation and respect enjoyed by the national media regionally and internationally, and confirms the keenness of the King of Bahrain , to promote the Bahraini media and its national message, and make it an honorable interface for the media in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and express the developmental renaissance and development the Kingdom is witnessing in various sectors.

The march of Bahrain TV, since its early beginnings, has formed an important part of Bahrain's history and its cultural and civilizational heritage. It has become a landmark in the national record of achievement, and an epic through which the Bahraini person was able to embody the highest meanings of creativity and excellence, and to draw the features of a national media characterized by a distinct approach inherited by generations in commitment to honesty. And the honor of the honest word, and the advancement of the noble message of the media in supporting the efforts of construction and progress, and defending with full force the achievements of the country, its sovereignty and its gains, and the upgrading and development of the intellectual, cultural and civilizational foundations of society, while preserving its privacy and solid national identity.

The history of television in the Kingdom of Bahrain dates back to the seventies of the last century, when the first television broadcast began in 1973 AD with the launch of the broadcast of the first television in Bahrain and the first color television in the Arabian Gulf via (RTV Bahrain), and its broadcast was launched on the ninth of September 1973 as a commercial investment channel, and in At the beginning of 1975, it turned into an official government channel affiliated to the Ministry of Information, and for the first time the slogan of the Bahrain flag was published with the start of the television broadcast of the station.

After one television channel in 1975, the number of government television channels today has reached five: Bahrain Channel, Bahrain International Channel, Bahrain Sports Channel 1, Bahrain Sports Channel 2, and the Holy Quran Channel.

Over the course of 50 years, Bahrain TV kept pace with the various historical events that the Kingdom went through, and worked to encourage the cultural and literary movement, through many productions and dramatic and cultural works, which were linked to the memory and conscience of society, its national identity and its authentic heritage, as it was able to be a mirror that reflects values ​​and customs. and national traditions, and an original contributor to consolidating the values ​​of loyalty and national belonging, and the noble human principles that encourage coexistence, tolerance and brotherhood.

During the last two decades, Bahrain TV witnessed advanced technical breakthroughs and kept pace with all the developments of the digital revolution, thanks to the attention and support the government attaches in order to enable it to continue performing its noble mission in serving the comprehensive development march, on firm foundations of efficiency, accuracy and professionalism, as the operating, production and broadcasting systems have been modernized. And Bahrain TV broadcasts became available 24 hours a day, whether through traditional screens or digital broadcasts via the Internet, smart phone applications and social media platforms.

The news center specifically went through several development processes that contributed to providing it with the latest technical and technical means, the most prominent of which were during the years 2006, 2012 and 2016, and it included the opening of new studios to develop media coverage and broadcast news bulletins in its various political, economic, social, sports and weather sections, in parallel with the development of programs radio and television, and preparing and qualifying national cadres including directors, technicians, broadcasters and editors, in order to advance the media message on the basis of professionalism and professionalism.

The opening of the new main studio of the news center ushers in a new phase of excellence that has always characterized Bahrain TV and its media message, thanks to the Kingdom of Bahrain's permanent approach in keeping pace with the global development movement in various sectors, in a manner that elevates the contents of the media message, and makes it present, effective and able to reach its goals and objectives. In enlightening public opinion, in a way that contributes to enhancing the reality of freedoms and the civilizational renaissance that the Kingdom of Bahrain is experiencing in all fields.

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