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​The Bibliotheca Alexandrina celebrates the pioneer of Islamic surgery, Al-Zahrawi

Alexandria (UNA) - Tomorrow morning, Thursday, the Manuscript Center at the Library of Alexandria will organize a scientific symposium under the title Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi: Pioneer of Surgery, as part of a series of specialized symposiums organized by the Center to shed light on the various aspects of the history of medical science in the Islamic world. The symposium includes two lectures: The first deals with Al-Zahrawi’s scientific method and its place in the history of Arab medicine, and the impact of his medical writings on the development of medical science in Europe, delivered by Professor Dr. Maher Abdel Qader, Professor of Philosophy and History of Science at the Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University. While the second lecture deals with the surgical operations and machines that Al-Zahrawi invented, and how he developed many of the treatment methods that Muslim doctors before him were accustomed to, and it is delivered by Professor Dr. Muhammad Rafiq Khalil, Professor of Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University. It is noteworthy that the first scientific symposium of the Manuscript Center shed light on the value and status of Ibn al-Haytham and his writings in the East and West, and an attempt to understand his scientific and critical rational aspects and his scientific effects on optics and light. While the second scientific symposium dealt with Sharia policy and the necessity of establishing administrative regulations and arrangements that lead to achieving the interests of the subjects by bringing benefits and repelling harms. (End) H A/H S

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