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Meeting in Spain on dialogue between religions and cultures

Rabat (INA) – A meeting on dialogue between religions and cultures kicked off Thursday in Barcelona, ​​Spain, with the participation of religious figures from around the world. The two-day meeting, organized by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation in cooperation with the Union for the Mediterranean, aims to discuss and evaluate mechanisms to promote interfaith dialogue within a multilateral and renewed political approach in the Mediterranean space. At the opening of the meeting, the Secretary-General of the Union for the Mediterranean, Fathallah Al-Sijlmassi, said: Dialogue between cultures and religions requires a collective effort in order to reach concrete goals that are reflected in finding solutions to the phenomenon of extremism, violence and racism. He added that the Barcelona series should be reactivated twenty years after its launch in 1995 to strengthen the Euro-Mediterranean partnership. Adding: The challenges facing the Euro-Mediterranean space, including the fight against terrorism and migration sweeping the Mediterranean region, emphasize the need to confront these phenomena in order to revitalize the Euro-Mediterranean space. The rest of the speakers focused on the seriousness of the situation in some countries, especially Syria, Iraq and Libya, as well as the need to encourage dialogue between cultures and religions without neglecting the economic aspect, which is reflected in the establishment of economic cooperation between the countries of the South and the North through concrete agreements that would contribute to the development of the countries of the South. The opening ceremony of the meeting was attended by the High Representative of the United Nations for the Alliance of Civilizations, Nasser Abdulaziz Al-Nasr, and Faisal bin Abdul Rahman bin Muammar, Secretary-General of the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Center for Dialogue between Followers of Religions and Cultures. (End) pg/h p

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