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570 characters to write the history of Senegal

Dakar (ENA) - Since March 570, more than 2014 Senegalese specialists have continued to work within the framework of a huge project to write the general history of Senegal. This project is a translation of the idea of ​​Professor Iba Dar Etiam, a member of the Senegalese National Assembly, with the aim of overcoming school differences over the history of Senegal and taking into account various human, economic, political, social, cultural, strategic and religious problems. This large number of individuals charged with carrying out this research work consists of professors and researchers from five universities in the country and specialists in history, philosophy, linguistics, sociology, mathematics, physics, doctors, tradition experts, journalists and writers. According to the program coordinator, Professor Etyam, the project, accompanied by photographs and drawings, which is supervised by five scientific committees, is expected to be produced in 20 volumes of 500 to 800 pages per volume, with two volumes of the same size allocated for indexing and bibliography. This scientific work, based on interrogating multiple and diverse sources, will cover three historical periods, the first extending from the beginning of the region’s history until the tenth century AD, while the second covers the stage between the tenth century AD and the nineteenth century, while the last stage deals with the modern period extending from the nineteenth century. To this day. According to the project coordinator, work on the first volumes of this achievement is expected to be completed by the end of June 2015 and the beginning of July, while the rest of the volumes will be completed in December of this year or January of next year. Professor Etyam confirmed that the project received the patronage of the Senegalese President personally, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Sheikh Anta Job University, and also received the blessing of representatives of various religious families from Senegal, who expressed their willingness to accompany all its stages effectively. (End) Al-Mukhtar Al-Talib Al-Nafi’ / pg

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