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An international conference in Jordan on the role of moderation in confronting terrorism

Amman (INA) – The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), in cooperation with the World Moderation Forum, Jordanian government agencies and international and regional organizations, including the Arab League, will hold an international conference on the role of moderation in confronting terrorism and achieving stability and world peace, on the 14th and 15th of March. in the Jordanian capital, Amman. Scholars, thinkers, experts and professors from 18 countries, from the Islamic world and abroad, will participate in this conference, and they will discuss several axes, the most important of which are the concept of extremism and terrorism and related concepts such as violence, extremism and takfir, the roots of extremism and terrorism in its various manifestations such as sectarianism and historical factors, the dangers of extremism and terrorism and their effects, and the causes Instability and the absence of peace, available and possible means to address the phenomena of extremism and terrorism, and the role of institutions and society in consolidating stability and consolidating the method of moderation. The meeting aims to deepen the awareness of the actors in the religious, intellectual, cultural and political arena in the Islamic world of the importance of achieving peace and stability, and the need to fortify intellectual and cultural security in the Islamic world, and to highlight the bright image of Islam and its basic characteristics such as moderation, moderation, balance and tolerance, and to study the role of intellectual and cultural organizations and institutions, scholars and thinkers. , in consolidating the approach of moderation and combating extremism educationally, intellectually and culturally, and trying to present a practical program and successful experiences in confronting extremism and consolidating the values ​​of tolerance, dialogue and coexistence. (I finish)

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