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Initiatives of the Union of OIC News Agencies to combat media misinformation


Director General of the Federation of News Agencies of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Countries
His Excellency Professor

 Muhammad bin Abd Rabbo Al-Yami


Media misinformation represents a challenge for the media, especially in light of the rapid developments in the field of artificial intelligence and deep fakes, which has led to the widespread spread of fake and fabricated news (Fake News), as studies indicate that 6 out of every seven news is fake news.

In the face of this challenge, there is a need for a joint effort by the media and international press federations to combat media misinformation, build reliable media content based on correct and objective data, and cooperate in qualifying journalists and providing them with the necessary skills to verify news and ensure its credibility and fulfillment of journalistic standards.

We are in the Federation of News Agencies of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries.UNAWe pay special attention to this issue given that the Union is one of the main media bodies of the organization and is therefore responsible for dealing with various issues related to the media, and also given that the Islamic world and many of its countries are largely targeted by media disinformation campaigns.

Based on the Federation’s interest in combating media misinformation, the Federation has implemented a number of initiatives, programs and activities, and has expanded its international partnerships with the media and global federations to create a media framework for exchanging news internationally on the basis of credibility and professionalism.

Within the framework of these initiatives, the Union launched a media platform dedicated to combating media misinformation as one of the outcomes of the international forum “Media and its Role in Fueling Hatred and Violence (Dangers of Misinformation and Bias),” which the Union organized on November 26, 2023 in the city of Jeddah, in cooperation with the General Secretariat for Institutional Communication in The Muslim World League, which stressed the need to confront misinformation and bias projects in the international media.

The Union hopes that these efforts will contribute to combating media misinformation and create a journalistic environment that enhances citizens’ awareness, provides them with knowledge, and provides officials with the correct information that enables them to make sound and appropriate decisions.



As part of its efforts to combat media misinformation, enhance transparency and credibility in the performance of international media, and combat the spread of rumours, the Union worked on a number of axes:


First: release platform Especially to combat Misinformation media

The Union launched a special platform to combat media misinformation with the aim of spreading awareness about this phenomenon, confronting deep fake news, and working to spread correct news based on official and reliable sources.

Characterized by platform the Union With features The following:

1- Direct linking to official news agencies in the countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (57 countries), allowing direct verification of news sources.

2- News exchange with a number of international media federations, which contributes to disseminating reliable news and enabling media professionals to obtain news from its primary sources.

3- Linking through social media networks and other digital platforms of the Union in a way that contributes to spreading reliable news on social networks.

4- Immediate and rapid distribution of news through the Union’s mailing list, which includes more than 6,000 subscribers between journalists and media organizations.

A special platform for news of the war on Gaza

Given the importance of Palestinian news in light of the brutal aggression against the Palestinian people and in light of the misleading campaigns of the Israeli media, the Union has launched a special platform for the conditions in the occupied Palestinian territories, with the aim of presenting an accurate and objective picture of what the Palestinians are suffering under the occupation, and documenting the crimes and violations of the Israeli occupation. Right to the Palestinian people.



Second: release "Charter Jeddah For responsibility Informative"


On November 26, 2023, the Union, in cooperation with the Muslim World League, launched the “Jeddah Charter for Media Responsibility,” which was ratified by the majority of official news agencies in the OIC countries, with the aim of combating media misinformation and strengthening the role of international media in pushing towards a media scene dominated by credibility, transparency, and respect for values. Professional.



Third: Conferences International


The Union organized an international forum on November 26, 2023 on “The Media and its Role in Fueling Hatred and Violence (Dangers of Misinformation and Bias),” in cooperation with the Muslim World League and with the participation of international media institutions, information ministers, and religious and diplomatic leaders.

During 5 sessions in which more than XNUMX speakers, intellectuals and media experts participated, the forum discussed the dangers of media misinformation and developed recommendations to confront it, whether in terms of government policies or in terms of professional and media conventions.

The forum also produced recommendations to strengthen cooperation between religious and media institutions in confronting misinformation and hate in media discourse.

He urged the forum to rely on trustworthy and credible entities in transmitting news and reports, to investigate the truth and accuracy of the media materials and reports presented or published, and to avoid fabrication, piracy, forgery, distortion, and spreading misleading news or rumours.



Fourthly: training on Verification of News

in framework keen the Union on Qualifying journalists in area Combat Misinformation media And supply them with skills Necessary to check of News، Organized the Union A number of Programs And the workshops Training what in that:


1- The “Media Circulation of Terminology of the Palestinian Issue” workshop, organized by the Union on March 21, 2023.


With the aim of enhancing the awareness of media practitioners in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation countries of media terminology related to the Palestinian issue, with a special focus on the correct terminology based on international legitimacy and its resolutions, and confronting the Israeli propaganda machine and its attempts to pass on a network of false terminology with the aim of covering up the reality of the occupation and Israel’s criminal practices against the Palestinian people.



Share أكثر من 500  Inform me "Yona" And “Rubtly.”" They organize workshop Action , principles Verification

of Content media in coverage newsletter


Organized by the Federation of News Agencies of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Countries (UNAToday, Tuesday (July 18, 2023), a virtual workshop entitled “Applying the Principles of Verifying Media Content in News Coverage,” in cooperation with “Rubtly,” the leading international agency in the field of video and investigative journalism, and with the participation of more than 500 media professionals from member states of Organization of Islamic Cooperation.



The Federation is also preparing to organize an intensive training course on February 27, 2024


“On the Challenges of Verifying and Gathering News in War Zones (Palestine as a Model)” in cooperation with the “Fury” Video Agency and with the aim of qualifying journalists in the field of verifying the authenticity of news related to Palestine and confronting false Israeli propaganda.



Role (Yona) in Confront and fight Misinformation media

Launching an integrated digital media platform to enhance news exchange between member agencies, characterized by:


  • Ability to publish in several languages, as the platform allows news to be published in more than 20 languages, including the three official languages ​​of the Union (Arabic, English, and French).
  • Automated linking via RSS to member news agencies, allowing immediate and simultaneous publication of news.
  • Video and multimedia support and quick publishing on social media.
  • Diverse media content that provides a comprehensive picture of the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the most important events and conferences they are witnessing, in addition to their most prominent achievements and historical landmarks.
  • Launching special programs in cooperation with news agencies in order to keep pace with important events in the countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and intensify media publication about them.
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