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The International Islamic Fiqh Academy issues issue 41 of its newsletter

grandmother (UNA) - The International Islamic Fiqh Academy issued the 41st issue of its newsletter, News of the Academy.

This issue of the bulletin, which was issued in 12 pages, highlighted the delivery of a keynote speech by Professor Dr. Qutb Mustafa Sanu, Secretary General of the International Islamic Jurisprudence Academy, at the “Fatwa in Contemporary Societies” conference in Singapore, in which he addressed the importance of the fatwa and its methodology, and also added proposals for the fatwa methodology. In the Singaporean context.

She touched on the welcome of Masagos Zulkifli, Minister of Social and Family Development of Singapore, to the Secretary-General of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy.

The bulletin reported the Secretary-General’s participation in a round table on jurisprudence and finance in Singapore, and discussed the signing of a memorandum of understanding by the International Islamic Jurisprudence Academy and the Singapore Islamic Council in Singapore.

It highlighted the assertion of the Secretary-General of the Academy that the principles of Islamic economics are the ideal solution to the economic problem, in his speech at the dialogue session of the Fifteenth Conference of Islamic Economics and Islamic Finance, in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. In turn, the Secretary drew attention to the negative effects of the ongoing destructive wars, such as the war of extermination in Gaza, Pointing out the negative effects of wars on the global economy.

The bulletin talked about the Secretary-General of the Academy chairing a session at the forty-fourth session of the Al-Baraka Forum on the objectives of Sharia as the regulating framework for the Islamic economy.

It touched on the visit of the British Minister of State, Lord Tariq Mahmoud Ahmed, to the complex’s headquarters in Jeddah. It also included news of the visit of a delegation from the US State Department to the complex.

The bulletin also included a number of decisions of the International Islamic Jurisprudence Academy.

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