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Seven pressing issues on the agenda of the 46th session of the Supreme Council of the Muslim World League

Riyadh (UNA)- Launched .عمال session Sixth And forty for the council the above For a bond the world Islamic, headed by Eminence Mufti General For the kingdom Arabic Saudi Arabia, President body Senior Scientists, President General For research Scientific And the fatwa, President the Council the above For the association, And share Senior Muftis And scientists; My representative matter Religious for peoples Islamic in Inside Islamic And he became a country Minorities.

And it is discussed The course seven Issues Urgent Listed on Table her works, Topping it off Issue lonliness Nation Islamic, And Palestine And war Gaza, and disable Navigation in the sea the Red, addition To Situations in Sudan, Islamophobia, And abuse for icons religious.

And she started session Her works With a word For His Eminence Mufti General The kingdom, Confirm In which that "The kingdom Arabic Saudi Arabia led Servant The Two Holy Mosques The two honorable ones The King Salman The son of Abdel Azeez The Saud, وthe prince Mohammed The son of Salman The son of Abdel Azeez The Saud, You cherish what Love it Allah of status Sublime in the world Entire, she is Cuddled The Two Holy Mosques The two honorable people, And fancied benefits Muslims".

. added His Eminence it's a of This Vein "Loaded The kingdom on Her shoulder responsible Great towards Muslims, So it was Forwardness Interesting With their issues, And take care their affairs, And strive in Processing their problems, And extend hand Help And relief for them, And it happened Didnha , Stand up With them in Their crises and their suffering,And he scrambled About them in Forums regional And international".

He stressed Eminence Mufti General on that The kingdom "I made Efforts in Healing The rift And solve differences And disputes between Muslims, It expanded in Approximation Destinations look at them, And he urged them on the meeting And the agreement And harmony And harmony"، Showing it's a in way Investigation that "did The kingdom founding number of الهيئات And the synagogues والمؤسسات concerned With affairs Muslims, and support Their issues And solve Their crises".

He confirmed His Eminence that "embracing The kingdom for this Institutions And support it And support her For good guide on Attention Drive it continuous With Muslims"، Pointing To that this care It manifested itself in fields a lot And diverse, did During it The kingdom presenting all Species Support Physical And the moral, to boost Nation Muslim and strengthen it, And exceed , face him of Challenges and crises, and protect it of all Danger Threatens Her being".

ثم to speak His Eminence , Association the world Islamic as a of Entities leading which Embrace it The kingdom and nurture it; Sure that the Council the above For the association Seek To achieve number of Objectives noble on the level regional And global, And from Most important That Objectives: to publish thought middle, And protection of Extremism And hyperbole And terrorism, And publish Peace And justice, And edit humanity of slavery for non God, And development Acquaintance and cooperation between peoples, and sharing in Efforts Relief And pastoral And developmental About the scientist, and work on Deepen Unit between Muslims And collect I spoke to them.

وفي This Al-Sadad, price Eminence Mufti general, Basim the Council the above For the association "document Building bridges between Doctrines Islamic"، Outgoing , Conference The mosque Which She knotted it the Nexus Share elite of Scholars Doctrines Islamic in rehab The house antique in One month Ramadan Blessed of General 1445e, Expressing His Eminence , support the Council For meanings Brotherhood which I organized it Terms The eight And the twenty For the document.

of his side, price Secretary General For a bond the world Islamic, President body Scholars Muslims, vice President the Council the above For the association, Sheikh Dr Mohammed The son of Abdul Karim Alissa, during His word, , Undertake به the Council the above For the association of efforts Auspicious You deserve it Praise And valuation, And from that , preceded of Decisions a task, of between them Update His system basic; To get along with being the Nexus organized Internationally according to agreement headquarters between the Nexus And a state Its headquarters The kingdom Arabic Saudi Arabia.

He confirmed it's a "not Afraid that the Nexus considered as Good deed of Deeds The kingdom I gave her a gift for the world Islamic; To go the Nexus of cradle Message In Mecca Al Mukarramah in rehab The kingdom Arabic Saudi Arabia For the worlds".

pointed د. Alissa To that it "in Context Pursuit The diligent of the Nexus Toward Her tasks, And that of founding until Today, She took over With her responsibility according to her message Islamic which calling To Allah With wisdom And the sermon goodness, And it shows For the worlds fact Our religion upright, And that in Confrontation ignorance And the purposes"، Emphasizing on that the Nexus "She took method middle in Like her Entire; that in the invitation Or dialogue Or Debate, And it came true in This Gains Great East And west".

. added"we've got Forms Multiple of Ignorant people Yesterday, And from them of كان Sharp in his positions, They became today As for on Absorption merely For a fact Islam, Or on conviction with it, وفي the first safety of if H, وفي The second A gain For Islam And the guided one mechanism By entering in it"، Showing that a base the Nexus in This say Right Glory be to Him:((Invite to way Lord With wisdom And the sermon The good deed And argue with them With which she better))”، And he said Come here:((no You get even The good deed no The bad Push With which she better So Which Between you And explain it enmity As if Guardian intimate)).

of his side, He confirmed President Affairs religious For the mosque forbidden And the mosque prophetic, Before And a preacher The mosque forbidden, Sheikh Dr Abdulrahman Sudais, that meeting the Council the above For the association Reverse Aspirations Nation, To prevail peace And harmony all Please Maamoura, And he gets inspired Muslims principles Their religion Hanif Which calling To lonliness Classroom Why? Reunification And constipation With the loop the most trustworthy; Emphasizing on necessity Strengthen dialogue between Religions Heavenly and civilizations and cultures, what serves رسالة Religion Islamic Hanif Allow.

And an price Sudais efforts The kingdom leading, And drive it Al-Rashida, in service Islam And Muslims And the peoples Islamic and humanity; حيث did not subsequent Effortless in advocacy Issues the world Islamic in all Forums International Globalism, and support Programs Awareness, And publish Curriculum Moderation And moderation

In turn, praised minister endowments, President the Council the above For affairs Islamic in Republic Egypt Arabic, the professor Dr Mohammed Mukhtar Friday Congrats, when you His word, In turn Association the world Islamic And its secretary general, And her efforts aiming to To Substitute peace Global And the humanitarian.

And during His word, foot minister Affairs religious in Republic Turkish, Sheikh Dr Ali Arbaş Thanks For the kingdom Arabic Saudi Arabia And its leadership; To embrace them the meeting, And to serve them For Islam And Muslims.

He praised Arbaş on efforts the Nexus And drive it And nominated for him To be A member in the Council the above; Sure ready presidency Affairs religious التركية To contribute with the Nexus To achieve Objectives desired, Emphasizing on Importance Work in way documentation nudity The connections between Muslims To unify I spoke to them and their ranks; Remarkable To necessity ترسيخ concepts moderation And centrism, And publish culture dialogue and tolerance, And attention With minorities Muslim and work on Her problems.

Mentionsed that the Council the above . Authority The highest in the Nexus which Depends all plans which Adopt her honesty the public For the association, And it is formed of (65) member; of Characters Islamic prestigious, They represent The peoples And minorities Muslim woman, And they are appointed By decision of the Council, And he meets periodically to take decisions While Displays on him of Research And issues.

(is over)

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