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The curtain comes down on the major humanitarian operation of the Bayt Mal Al-Quds Al-Sharif Agency in the month of Ramadan 1445.

Jerusalem (UNA)- concluded evening Monday in Jerusalem, the operation humanity The grand which fired it an agency Home Money Jerusalem Sharif, With instructions Sublime Cream filling of The King of Morocco Mohammed السادس، President A committee Jerusalem, in sync with One month Ramadan Generous for the year 1445 Hijri.

And I submitted agency outcome this the operation Quality when you Ceremony breakfast rally, presence group of Characters Legality Jerusalem, And references religious Islamic and Christianity, He leads them Mufti Jerusalem And home Palestinian, And a manager Circle Endowments Islamic And affairs The mosque AL-AQSA blessed, And a deputy governor City, And number of My representative Institutions and associations City.

it was when you this the operation Quality distribution More of 2200 basket food on two stages, whispered 3 Hospitals main in Jerusalem, and about 3 thousands family Jerusalemite, Distributed on all alive Jerusalem and its camps, addition To Biology isolated Affiliate to maintain Out the wall.

كما Done distribution More of 30 one thousand Period food With a reality 1000 Period food daily, long the month Al-Fadil, included, on Face In particular, visitors The mosque AL-AQSA Blessed And the town Old, كما benefited Of which families in alive Jerusalem different inside And outside wall, And the centers Social, And hospices, And a role Accommodation.

And packed agency means Logistics Mission To succeed the operation, حيث Done Create More of 100 an opportunity Action temporary throughout One month Ramadan, Benefit Of which Young City, Males And females, Whose Distribute on Divide Services In stores to do With operations Sort Materials وتعبئتها and download it, And the difference Field which I took care of it distributes meals, To Side Workers bakeries and kitchens, And difference Supply, And difference Watching health And quality, And difference first aid Primary.

And I left the operation A trace big in Souls families And in general Beneficiaries of all slides and categories, Especially orphans, And my resident Role Accommodation And a role older people, and pioneers Centers Social, And hospices, And a role The Quran, And a frequenter The mosque AL-AQSA blessed, And associations People in Position disability, To Side Number of IDPs of Gaza, of whom I included them this the operation Quality.

And it was crowned the operation humanity distributes 200 coupon Buy Clothes Eid,Benefit Of which Orphans Sponsored people of قبل an agency Home Money Jerusalem Sharif, Than Enter Cheerfulness And pleasure on kids and on their families.

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