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The Secretary General of the Muslim World League meets with the Pakistani Minister of Commerce and Industry

Riyadh (Yona) - Receive Secretary General For a bond the world Islamic, President body Scholars Muslims, Sheikh Dr Mohammed The son of Abdul Karim Alissa, in headquarters the Nexus sub In Riyadh A delegation of members Congress American headed by Member board Representatives, السيد AndreaCarson.

he ran when you Meeting Debate number of issues self Relevance strengthen the friendship and cooperation between Nations And the peoples, And that in Confrontation Thoughts Conflict And the clash civilized, which Excreted Forms painful of shapes Extremism violent.

While he ran Disclaimer On initiative conference Association the world Islamic inside Nations United Nations In New York, related By building bridges between the East And the West of Yes Scientist أكثر Understanding And peace, كما he ran confirmation on Stand the Nexus of war Gaza The denouncer by killing Horrific for women and children in violation blatant For the law International humane.

وفي Context Himself, Receive Secretary General For the association Sheikh Dr Mohammed Alissa, in headquarters the Nexus sub In Riyadh, minister Commerce And industry and production, and minister the interior Assigned In a republic باكستان Islamic, د. essence miraculous, accompany him agent Ministry the interior د. Aftab LargerDrani.

And he ran when you Meeting discussion number of issues self interest Subscriber on The two sides Islamic and international, And horizons Cooperat the couple about it.

praised Minister A miracle Role the Nexus axial in receipt رسالة Islam correct for the world All together, And carry it out By her duty in acting peoples Islamic Good acting in Different Forums International.

confirmed Dr Alissa on relations Historic And well-established between The kingdom Arabic And Saudi Arabia And a republic باكستان Islamic, And such between باكستان And a bond the world Islamic, Confirming Status Big which enjoy Out باكستان in Conscience Islamic, He expressed , appreciated For efforts Its scholars in march Association the world Islamic which Prepare Good deed of Deeds The kingdom Arabic Arabic I founded it And I gave her a gift for the world Islamic, كما he ran Disclaimer With inspiration Great to see Saudi Arabia 2030 gesticulate I achieved it And achieve it of the shift Great in Renaissance overall For the kingdom Especially Location advanced in Leadership international, with Conjuration Its leadership Islamic By deserving it Great.

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