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Syria: Winter conditions exacerbate the suffering of the displaced in Idlib camps

The displaced people try to get heat by burning things such as nylon, car tires, clothes and shoes that they collect...

Idlib (UNA/Anatolia) – The winter conditions and the recent rains have exacerbated the suffering of thousands of displaced people languishing in camps in Idlib Governorate, northwestern Syria.

Anadolu correspondent reported that the tents became wet as a result of the heavy rains, and were submerged in floods and became uninhabitable.

Due to the lack of fuel, the displaced people try to get heat by burning things such as nylon, car tires, and clothes and shoes that they collect.

In a statement to Anadolu Agency, the official of the “Al-Andalus” camp in the village of Zardana, northeast of Idlib, Muhammad Damis, said that many tents were flooded with water due to heavy rains.

Damis pointed out that they had to evacuate families at night, adding: “The tents are old, the families’ belongings were flooded with water, and the women and children spent the night in the mosque due to the rain.”

The spokesman stressed the need to immediately replace the tents in the camp and create infrastructure to drain the ponds and cover the ground with gravel.

The regions of northwestern Syria are witnessing a huge deficit in humanitarian response operations, which shows the expected catastrophic consequences for civilians in general, and those displaced within camps in particular during the current winter season.


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