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The Organization of Islamic Cooperation celebrates World Refugee Day

grandmother (UNA) - In celebration of World Refugee Day, which falls on June 20 of each year in accordance with the resolution of the United Nations General Assembly in December 2000, the Secretary-General, Mr. Hussein Ibrahim Taha, expressed the support and solidarity of the organization and its member states with refugees, stressing the priority that this vulnerable group enjoys in The humanitarian agenda of the organization, which is experiencing exceptional circumstances that forced it to leave its homelands due to difficult humanitarian conditions resulting from wars, conflicts, and natural disasters.

The Secretary-General praised the generosity of the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in hosting refugees and their continued fulfillment of their commitment to them through the assistance and protection they provide to them, considering this an Islamic and humanitarian duty imposed by the tolerant teachings of Islam, the Charter of the Organization and relevant national and international laws, calling on the international community to provide the necessary assistance. To the member states hosting them, in accordance with the principles of fair partnership, noting that the member states of the organization bear the largest share of the burden of refugees, especially since they host more than half of the world’s refugees, without forgetting that they may be a source of refugees, a transit ground for them, and a settlement at the same time.

The Secretary-General stressed that helping this vulnerable group requires more efforts to address the roots of the refugee crisis in the Islamic world in all its political, social and humanitarian dimensions, pointing to the tireless efforts made by the General Secretariat with international partners and international organizations, especially the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, In order to find radical solutions to the asylum problem and work on the voluntary, safe and dignified return of these refugees in accordance with internationally recognized instruments and agreements.

The Secretary-General indicated that the organization will hold a donor conference in the last quarter of this year to support refugees and displaced persons in the Sahel region and the Lake Chad Basin, with generous hosting from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He appealed to member states, Islamic financial institutions and relevant international organizations to participate effectively in the conference and provide the necessary financial donations. To support these groups in an important region suffering from high refugee cases.

The Secretary-General highly appreciated the pivotal role played by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) in alleviating the suffering of Palestinian refugees, especially in light of the recent developments in Palestine due to the brutal Israeli aggression against the defenseless Palestinian people and its destruction of UNRWA facilities and hundreds of tons of food and medicine in Gaza and the attacks. Ali’s headquarters in Jerusalem, calling on the international community to work hard to stop all legal and humanitarian violations and hold the Israeli occupation accountable for its ongoing crimes without adhering to the most basic international laws and norms. He also called on him, the United Nations, and the organization’s member states to continue providing support to the agency to enable it to continue its services to Palestinian refugees until the Achieving the right of return in accordance with international legitimacy resolutions.

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