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Saudi Arabia showcases its efforts to stand by the needy and affected people in various parts of the world

Riyadh (UNA/SPA) - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through its humanitarian arm, the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center, worked to stand by the needy and affected people in various parts of the world, and to provide aid and all aspects of support to them through the Centre’s projects and programmes, until its projects reached 2.984 projects in various sectors. Important vitality, which extended to 99 countries around the world.

This comes on the occasion of the celebration of World Refugee Day, which falls on June 20th of each year. To embody the noble humanitarian role of the Kingdom, which extended to include all countries of the world without discrimination, and to confirm its permanent support for the refugee and displaced persons around the world and its continued fulfillment of its commitment towards them through the assistance and protection it provides to them, as an Islamic and humanitarian duty imposed by the tolerant teachings of Islam and humanitarian and international conventions.

The Kingdom was also keen to support and support refugees and displaced people in the world and provide everything that would alleviate their suffering and provide them with decent means of living, through a series of humanitarian programs and projects directed at them, which amounted to 424 humanitarian projects with a value exceeding one billion and 182 million and 946 thousand US dollars. In several countries, led by Syria, 237 projects worth more than $512 million, Palestine 63 projects worth more than $215 million, Myanmar 24 projects worth more than $173 million, and Yemen 45 projects worth more than $138 million, including the food and agricultural security, protection and health sectors. Shelter, early recovery, education and other vital sectors.

It also supported those displaced within their countries by implementing 304 multiple projects worth more than two billion and 19 million and 175 thousand US dollars.

As for refugees or visitors who live inside the Kingdom from Yemen, Syria, and Myanmar, they constitute 5.5% of the Kingdom’s population, which is considered one of the countries that receives the most visitors (refugees inside the Kingdom), and provides them with the opportunity for free treatment and education, and is keen on their integration into society, through their presence. In all regions of the Kingdom, providing employment and education opportunities in public schools.

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