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The Pakistani Prime Minister receives the Secretary-General of the Muslim World League

Islam Abad (UNA)- Receive President Ministers Republic باكستان Islamic, Mohammed Shahbaz Sherif, in library In the capital Islam Abad, Secretary General For a bond the world Islamic, President body Scholars Muslims, Sheikh Dr Mohammed The son of Abdul Karim Alissa, Which visiting باكستان currently, In response For an invitation Official of His state.

And discuss Meeting sentence of Themes on Arena Islamic, so He praised nation President on efforts the Nexus in This the field, Nor Sima Its initiatives in plural Flame Scientists, which كان The last one Conference International"Building bridges between Doctrines Islamic"، Which She hugged him The kingdom Arabic Saudi Arabia, Sponsored Generous of Servant The Two Holy Mosques The two honorable people, the king Salman The son of Abdel Azeez The Saud، I digress in This Context, Certainly on , باكستان took over Importance Maximum For her relationships Brotherhood strong with The kingdom Arabic Saudi Arabia, Which Derived Its roots of Faith Subscriber And values Islamic common.

Noting His country  With efforts the Nexus International eminent in Clarification Facts Islam, And confrontation Practices Islamophobia And her speeches, Expressive , appreciated For efforts the Nexus in Republic باكستان Islamic in Different fields self Relevance By message the Nexus, And stressed on to support باكستان Continuous For the association in all her efforts, inside باكستان وخارجها.

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