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The Saudi Media Forum discusses “Media Regulation in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”

Riyadh (UNA/SPA) - As part of the work of the Saudi Media Forum 2024 in its third edition, which is organized by the Broadcasting Corporation, in cooperation with the Saudi Journalists’ Association in Riyadh, a dialogue session was devoted to “Regulating the Media in the Age of Artificial Intelligence,” in which the CEO participated. To the Media Regulatory Authority, Dr. Abdullatif Al-Abdullatif, the Chief Executive Officer of Intellectual Property, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Suwailem, and the United Nations Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women, expert in artificial intelligence technologies, Dr. Kholoud Al-Mana.

During the session, the participants discussed intellectual property and ways to benefit from artificial intelligence and keep pace with the development of technologies and their effects on the life of society. Dr. Al-Mana spoke about the acceleration and development of artificial intelligence, so that today we arrive at generative artificial intelligence techniques and tools, the latest of which was a tool called “Sora” that serves many fields, including Media: This tool helps in news bulletins and content creation by writing specific text about a person or place or inserting an image, and the technology turns it into a video scene.

For his part, Dr. Al-Abdullatif explained that artificial intelligence technologies have greatly entered the field of media and software industry, as artificial intelligence enables the audience to be accurately identified, indicating that the future of artificial intelligence cannot be determined currently; Due to the rapid development of technologies.

He touched on opportunities to benefit from technologies, by reducing costs, shortening time and effort, and increasing content and its diversity. On the other hand, there are challenges, the most prominent of which are: protecting personal data, protecting intellectual property, as well as the authenticity and credibility of the content.

In turn, Dr. Al-Suwailem pointed out that the Kingdom has joined international agreements related to this field, the most recent of which was the Marrakesh Agreement, which makes content available to the blind in an organized manner and without violating rights, indicating the important aspects of intellectual property in technology and artificial intelligence from a legislative standpoint, in addition to benefiting from it in analyzing and studying applications. Patents and monitoring violations of intellectual property rights.

He added that artificial intelligence is a means of stimulating creativity and innovation, as the Kingdom is keen to develop legislation related to this field. In addition to starting to teach artificial intelligence; To enhance the Kingdom’s capabilities in this aspect.

The Chief Executive Officer of Intellectual Property highlighted the importance of maximizing the benefit from artificial intelligence innovations by developing the authority’s policies to keep pace with global technology developments.

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