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The Saudi Media Forum discusses means of marketing Saudi Arabia’s national identity

Riyadh (UNA/SPA) - The discussions of the dialogue session held within the sessions of the Saudi Media Forum, entitled “The Future of National Identity in a Shaping World,” focused on the components of national identity, its features, and ways to enhance it, with the participation of an elite group of decision-makers, intellectuals, specialists, and thinkers.

Speaking during the session, CEO of Rotana Studios Film Production Company, Princess Lamia bint Majid, stressed the necessity of using means and strategies to enhance and market Saudi identity and create the appropriate environment to enhance the sense of national belonging.

She said: Marketing tools differ from one field to another, and it is important to determine the main message in marketing Saudi identity and culture in light of the great effort being made to market the Kingdom, appreciating the role of the Ministry of Culture and the ministries and governmental and national agencies concerned with marketing the Kingdom’s national identity.

In turn, Professor of Social and Cultural Change, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Gharib, explained that the Kingdom is characterized by the continuous development of its generations, while maintaining the basic culture and the ability to modernize.

While Dr. Obaid Al-Abdali confirmed that the citizen contributed worthy of conveying a distinctive image of the homeland around the world, indicating that this is a form of marketing the Kingdom in a practical way, and highlighting the cultural, cultural and economic renaissance it is witnessing in various other fields.

The participants in the session also stressed that national identity makes the Kingdom a center for global and humanitarian polarization, reviewing the features of the image that must be strengthened in the collective mind of society, and then transferred abroad to be marketed to other societies.

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