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The Saudi Media Forum discusses the challenges of transcontinental “content production”.

Riyadh (UNA/SPA) - The session “Facing Challenges in Transcontinental Media Management,” within the activities of the Saudi Media Forum in Riyadh today, discussed the importance of effectively integrating new technologies into the production of media content, and the challenges of attracting the audience in a way that ensures their continued interaction by building their confidence in the credibility of the audience. The media organization, in addition to the practices used to build strong foundations for long-term sustainability and resilience in the media industry.

Editor-in-Chief of Independent Arabia, Member Al-Ahmari, said: The challenges of the daily media scene have imposed on the journalist to have comprehensive tools and skills. He can photograph, edit and edit, especially with the end of the paper era, with the exception of some paper editions that are considered honorary.

He pointed to the “Read it and Hear It” experience provided by “Independent Arabia”, where reliance was placed on artificial intelligence technology that can read the content of the newspaper in a professional manner, drawing attention to the fact that the real crisis of artificial intelligence techniques is the lack of an Arabic programming language, as there are attempts, but they Still shy.

Director of “MBC” Egypt and North Africa, Mohamed Abdel Motal, pointed out that the current media scene depends on searching for the target audience so that we can produce lively, unique and up-to-date content that is compatible with the interests of the audience with all its cultural and cognitive diversities.

Meanwhile, the Saudi writer and journalist, Mohammed Al-Tunisi, pointed out that traditionalism has become the most important challenge facing the media at the present time, in addition to that clinging to old journalistic glories hinders the development and enrichment of the experience and stands as an obstacle to the present and the future.

The Saudi Media Forum 2024, which is organized by the Radio and Television Corporation, in cooperation with the Saudi Journalists Association, witnesses a wide participation of more than 2000 local and international media figures in the forum’s activities and discussion sessions, in addition to the holding of the Future of Media Exhibition “FOMEX.” The largest specialized media exhibition in the Middle East, with the participation of more than 200 local and international companies, as well as the Forum Award to honor innovators in various media fields on the closing day of the Forum.

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