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“Technology and Media: Challenges and Solutions.” A dialogue session within the activities of the Saudi Media Forum

Riyadh (UNA/SPA) - Professor of Digital Media, Dr. Salem Al-Arijah, confirmed that the entry of modern technologies into the world of media has many advantages that would develop templates and news and media fields in general, in addition to artificial intelligence tools that would raise the quality of Work in the short and long term.

This came during the dialogue session entitled “Technology and Media... Challenges and Solutions,” within the activities of the Saudi Media Forum in its third edition.

He stressed that modern technologies need time to reach the stage of influence, the time periods of which vary from one technology to another, indicating that social media, despite its many benefits, has created a vacuum between journalism and its tools, and content makers in social programs, stressing that the cadres present in social media possess Skills and abilities to influence, and that journalistic institutions must adopt these talents, train them, and hone their talents.

Among the academic and specialist in the field of media and communication, Dr. Ahmed Al-Zahrani, is that the impact of technology is not only on individuals but also on companies and organizations, pointing out that the birth of any technical industry and others goes through many stages until reaching a stage of assimilation, stressing that ease of access to information Facilitated the emergence and development of many modern technologies.

He added that it is important to work on educating communities about the responsibility of dealing properly with modern technologies so that they benefit generations away from any fake content, stressing at the same time the need for actual time to know whether some modern technologies will affect technologies that had full influence on technology. Many generations.

Al-Zahrani explained that the Internet has been able to accommodate many past, current and future technologies in one place, and it is important for those in charge of media fields in all their forms to work to develop their work, absorb all new technologies and include them in their means in order to keep pace with future technologies.

The two speakers concluded the session by emphasizing that technology is a power, but it is not complete without human intervention, which is the basis for developing these technologies, stressing the importance of investing this power in education, development and training, and ensuring highly efficient outcomes that guarantee a distinctive future for societies.

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