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“OSPO” reviews the fields of television and news training in “FOMEX”

Riyadh (UNA/SPA) - The Organization of Islamic Cooperation Radio and Television Union (OSPO), during its participation in the Future of Media Exhibition (FOMEX), reviewed the union’s latest developments in the fields of television training, programmatic and news exchange, and training courses.

Through its participation in FOMEX, the OSPO Federation emphasizes the pioneering role of its academy and its important role in training, education and cooperation between other federations and participating members, thus achieving the importance of the exhibition represented in building successful partnerships that contribute to the development of the work of media institutions locally and globally, through Reviewing the modern media experiences of leading international companies and expertise, activating modern television and radio production activity, as well as keeping pace with the technical acceleration in the media field.

FOMX is the largest specialized media exhibition in the Middle East, with the participation of more than 200 local and international companies, who come together to display the latest technologies and innovations in various fields of media over the course of the forum.

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