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Director of Media and Executive Communications at Aramco: Aramco has a distinguished media history spanning ninety years

Riyadh (UNA/SPA) - Director of Media and Executive Communication at Aramco, Abdulaziz Al-Shalfan, reviewed the company’s long history, extending to 90 years, during which Aramco accompanied the beginnings of the founding and renaissance of the Kingdom, and the magnitude of its oil, educational, health and social projects was accompanied by a media movement that began modestly and developed with the development of business. The company over the past many years.

This came during the dialogue session held today, within the work of the Saudi Media Forum 2024 in its third edition, under the title: “The Story of Media Transformation in Aramco.”

Al-Shalfan touched on the various media outlets in Aramco since its founding, starting with Al-Qafila magazine, which was founded in 1953 AD and which is comprehensive cultural, and not ending with Aramco TV and Radio, which began at an early stage in the company’s life, and broadcast various cultural, awareness-raising, and educational materials that are still present in people’s minds. It is the first television channel in the Kingdom and the Gulf countries.

Regarding the “Aramco” archive, Al-Shalfan said: “The Aramco archive began before the discovery of oil with pictures and videos documented by some of the company’s employees, and in 1940 AD the establishment of the archive was officially approved to document the company’s work and the Kingdom’s renaissance in all fields,” noting that this archive contains treasures from Old photos and videos.

He spoke about the year 2019 AD, the year in which Aramco went public, indicating that it was a pivotal year in the history of the Kingdom and the world, and this transformation marked a major change in the company’s path, which required a specialized and capable media team to accompany it and had a clear strategy in expressing the company’s new vision, indicating that Aramco has human capital who led and planned the media offering, which is highly flexible and transparent, in addition to benefiting from international expertise.

Al-Shalfan stated that they faced some obstacles, including: the rapid development of modern media and artificial intelligence; But they overcame it by directing it towards the right path that positively affects the target audiences.

He explained that they have a monitoring team that works around the clock and tracks everything that is presented in various media about the company, as it monitors a total of 10 to 1500 articles and tweets per day through 2000 different international languages, using artificial intelligence techniques and the human factor, and the team also follows... A mechanism to classify important topics that deserve a response so that they can be dealt with and responded to as quickly as possible.

In light of the rapid growth of modern media, and the extent to which Aramco keeps up with these developments, he explained that the company has absorbed the rapid development of media and artificial intelligence, and has employed various publishing platforms to serve its work, taking the principle of influential content, diversity in presentation, and transparency as a basic pillar of its media language, indicating that Its followers exceed 20 million, surpassing all oil companies in the world.

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