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“The future of advertising in the digital world.” A workshop within the work of the Saudi Media Forum

Riyadh (UNA/SPA) - Marketing expert Muhammad Hattout confirmed that artificial intelligence will change many sectors, including marketing, which is one of the most changing sectors due to the great technical transformation, pointing out the importance of using artificial intelligence in providing pre-purchase and post-purchase services, and improving the product. It is easy to distribute and reach the customer at the lowest cost.

During a workshop entitled “The Future of Advertising in the Digital World” within the work of the Saudi Media Forum in its third edition, he stressed the importance of customer-centricity, and providing a special experience for each customer, instead of providing the same products and services to everyone without scrutiny, which contributes to increasing customer loyalty. Pointing out that data will play a major role in changing marketing identity and customer experience.

It is noteworthy that the sessions of the Saudi Media Forum in its third edition bring together leaders, decision makers and innovators from all over the world, in more than 60 dialogue sessions and workshops presented by 150 speakers from media industry leaders, specialists and practitioners from various countries of the world, in which they discuss 80 topics.

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