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The Saudi Media Forum discusses “The Role of Vital Media in Crises”

Riyadh (UNA/SPA) - A dialogue session was held today as part of the Saudi Media Forum 2024 in its third edition, which is organized by the Radio and Television Authority in cooperation with the Saudi Journalists Association in Riyadh during the period from 20 to 21 February 2024 AD, entitled “Media in Crises... Role and Influence.” “Mutual,” was moderated by journalist Walid Al-Khanfour, and was attended by the editor-in-chief of Arab News, Faisal Abbas, the defense and foreign affairs editor of The Telegraph, Con Coughlin, and the CEO of Pharos Strategic Consulting, Norman Rule.

During the session, the participants spoke about the role of the media and its importance in covering and confronting crises, noting that the media bears a great responsibility in investigating facts and obtaining information from reliable sources during crises, as some take it as an opportunity to mislead and spread rumours.

The participants also highlighted the challenges facing the media during crises, which are the difficulty of quickly disseminating the news while ensuring accuracy in reporting and taking into account professional responsibility, reviewing the negative impact of artificial intelligence techniques in falsifying facts, which may contribute to inflaming public opinion, which is inconsistent with Media principles and ethics, stressing the need to educate recipients, especially young people, about the importance of verifying facts, exposing false news, and receiving information from multiple credible sources.

The speakers noted the role of the Saudi Media Forum in improving the media system, as it represents a pioneering platform for dialogue that brings together specialists under one roof to interact with those with experience and learn about the latest trends and media practices. They praised the Saudi encyclopedia initiative “Saudipedia”, which was launched by the Ministry of Information with the aim of providing a knowledge reference about the Kingdom that contributes to To promote and disseminate reliable information according to best practices in several languages.

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