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The Saudi Media Forum discusses challenges and ethical controls in the media

Riyadh (UNA/SPA) - The “Arab Media Facing Transformations” session, as part of the third session of the Saudi Media Forum, which opened in Riyadh, discussed the ethical challenges of misleading content and information resulting from the digital transformation and artificial intelligence revolution, in addition to the challenges of building trust and credibility in... Fragmented media landscape.

The Minister of Government Communications in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Dr. Muhannad Al-Mubaideen, explained that work in the fields of media requires respect for values ​​and ethics, pointing out that the ethical controls for content are very numerous, as the digital aspect imposes a very important rhythm, and that it is important to have ethical references that are commensurate with The nature of the communities in which content is produced, without contributing to the lack of manifestation of institutional efforts or the closure of the community itself, stressing that resorting to precise professional rules in producing content can contribute significantly to giving accuracy and applying full professional standards, in addition to taking into account the privacy of communities without Pay close attention to it as a guardian.

For his part, the Bahraini Minister of Information, Dr. Ramzan bin Abdullah Al Nuaimi, stated that the value system does not conflict with the digital revolution, and that what has been driving the media scene for some time is digital entities, stressing the importance of providing a strong infrastructure related to the digital revolution, enabling young people to exploit opportunities, and providing an investment environment. And health law, which contributes to empowering young people to lead, create development, and achieve goals, in addition to the media message and the national narrative, explaining that 6 out of 7 news is false and fake on the Internet, and the existence of a reliable national platform that preserves the citizen’s security and moral values.

In turn, the head of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation in the Arab Republic of Egypt, Karam Gabr, pointed out that Egypt has more than 80 million Facebook accounts, as it has provided ways for every citizen to enter the field of media, stressing the need for there to be legal controls and for the level of awareness regarding dealing with them to be high. To a greater extent.

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