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“Destination Lens... Tourism as a Media Language”.. A ​​dialogue session within the activities of the Saudi Media Forum

Riyadh (UNA/SPA) - Head of the Communications and Public Relations Sector at the Royal Commission for AlUla Governorate, Abdul Rahman Al-Tariri, confirmed that AlUla’s experience in the tourism industry with a national identity and its distinction as a global destination will push tourism in the Kingdom towards reaching a better future.

This came during the dialogue session entitled “Destination Lens... Tourism as a Media Language” within the activities of the Saudi Media Forum in its third edition, which was held today in the capital, Riyadh.

Al-Tariri said: The country's young men and women from the governorate work in various fields to promote tourism in this governorate, which still preserves its antiquities and history dating back thousands of years, and includes a group of prominent archaeological sites and distinctive tourist attractions.

For his part, General Director of Small and Medium Enterprises Coverage, Firas Al-Sayyari, stated that tourism in all its trends and orientations has the ability to change the stereotypical image of any place in the world, and it also has the enormous ability to generate jobs in all aspects of daily life, and to actually contribute to building societies, Stressing that small and medium enterprises are of great importance in tourism activities and everything that would improve the system.

In turn, the founder of the concept of cultural engineering and founder of the Pompidou Museum, Claude Muller, explained that it is important to work on using artificial intelligence tools in organizing museums and exhibitions, which have become of great importance because of their major role in narrating historical events, facts and civilizations from around the world, stressing the importance of making the most of it. Of artificial intelligence and its tools in organizing international museums and exhibitions.

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