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UAE Minister of Culture: The UAE has a distinguished infrastructure to support creative people and empower those with talent

Dubai (UNA/WAM) - Sheikh Salem bin Khalid Al Qasimi, Minister of Culture, confirmed that the UAE possesses a distinguished cultural infrastructure to support creative people and empower those with talent. This came in a session titled “The Future of Creative Industries... How Can Governments Develop Talent?”, as part of the first day of the World Government Summit, which will be held in Dubai from February 12 to 14, under the slogan “Foreseeing the Governments of the Future.” She also participated in the session. Dusty Jenkins, CEO of Spotify Government Affairs, and moderated by Mina Al-Araibi, editor-in-chief of The National newspaper.

Sheikh Salem Al Qasimi said: “The UAE has a distinguished cultural infrastructure to support creative people and empower those with talent. If I wanted to count the number of cultural institutions in the country, and those that nurture talent and embrace creative people, I will not be able to do this, due to their diversity and abundance, and they operate according to policies.” A systematic approach that aims to attract talented people, integrate them into these institutions, and provide them with all forms of support.”

His Excellency highlighted the importance of flexibility in cooperation between the government and private sectors, and said: “It is necessary to provide flexibility when cooperating between the two sectors to achieve the common goal, which is to harness all means and tools to support creators. The creator does not only need financial funding, but also flexible policies that pave the way for work in front of him and facilitate All difficulties, and requires science, culture and technology.”

For her part, Dusty Jenkins said: “When talking about algorithms, many people feel worried, but in reality it is better to consider algorithms as a new technology that was created to help people, and not the other way around. So why do we let algorithms control what we want to see in terms of content, for example, when we can Controlling what we want to see with the help of algorithms that facilitate the work mechanism for us.”

Jenkins spoke about establishing the Spotify platform about 17 years ago, saying: “When we thought about establishing the platform, we faced a major challenge, which is: What will make people pay money to get a service that they were getting for free? But at the same time, the founders of the platform had an important goal that made them strive to make their services distinctive and encouraging for everyone to participate. The goal was and still is to support creators and give them their moral and financial rights, as their creative works in the past were easily stolen.”

She added: “We work globally to empower creative people and give them opportunities to show their talents, and help them be on the right track towards creativity, of course in cooperation with governments that must overcome all difficulties for us to succeed in achieving our primary goal of nurturing, developing and empowering people with talent.”

It is noteworthy that the World Government Summit 2024 focuses on 6 main axes that are urgent at the present time, including enhancing the pace of growth and change for effective governments, artificial intelligence and new future horizons, the new vision for development and future economies, the future of education and the aspirations of tomorrow’s societies, sustainability and new global transformations, in addition to Urbanization and global health priorities.

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