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The Muslim World League condemns the resumption of military operations in Gaza

Mecca (UNA) - The Muslim World League expressed its strong condemnation of the resumption of military operations, especially the targeting of innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip.

The Secretary-General of the League and Chairman of the Association of Muslim Scholars, Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa, confirmed in a statement issued today that the League, in the name of: its “councils,” “bodies,” and global “academies,” strongly condemns those crimes that disdained and disregarded the lives of innocent people, and made the killing of children Women are considered permissible and do not see them as a right of sanctity or humanity.

He stressed that the international community must carry out its international responsibility to preserve the safety of civilians who have become in the crosshairs of this war, in a context of barbarism and collective revenge that is not sanctioned by religion or logic, but rather a departure from the values ​​of all religions, and “international and customary” humanitarian laws and principles, which was confirmed to the League by senior leaders. Religious leaders in the three religions, citing religious texts that included “the Ten Commandments... and others,” set forth in the texts of those religions.

The statement warned that this war portends a dangerous division between nations and peoples, depleting a cultural resource that they have rebuilt through continuous efforts in the face of an evil past that is not far from us, and that has been lingering on everyone for many years: (hatred, racism, injustice, conflict and clash, He was led by an intellectual deviation that ended in a brutal ideology. However, the Gaza disaster, with its “misleading and biased” media support mechanisms, will be among the worst disasters for humanity after World War II and the defeat of Nazism and its allies, and the greatest breach that will be opened in the harmony and friendship of nations and peoples, and “no The crime of premeditated murder can only be justified and disregard the lives of its victims.”

The statement stressed the hope for the vigilance of the international community to move decisively to stop this bloody bleeding with its “near and distant” threats, through a sincere and united will, and for religious leaders “around the world” to raise their voices with a unified call to remedy the matter, which in reality does not represent a religion, a nation, or a conscious people. Rather, it represents his extreme criminal tendency.

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