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Baku announces the connection of the power line network in Khankendi to the general feeder line of Azerbaijan

Baku (UNA/Anatolia) - The Azerbaijani authorities announced on Sunday that the network of power lines in the city of Khankendi, inhabited by Armenians in the Karabakh region, has been connected to the general feeding line of Azerbaijan.

A statement issued by the Azerbaijani presidency stated that the Khankendi power line was disconnected from the Armenian power grid and was connected to the Azerbaijani feeder grid.

The statement explained that Khankendi power lines are fed by transformers in the city of Shusha in the same province, adding: “The light of Azerbaijan will illuminate Khankendi from now on.”

The supply of electricity to Khankendi comes days after the launch of negotiations between Azerbaijani government officials and representatives of Armenians living in the Karabakh region to discuss the path of the latter’s integration into Azerbaijani society.

These negotiations came after the Azerbaijani army launched an anti-terrorism operation on September 19, 2023 “with the aim of establishing constitutional order in the Karabakh region.”

One day later, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry announced that an agreement had been reached to stop the operation in exchange for the illegal Armenian armed groups and the Armenian armed forces present in Karabakh disarming and evacuating their military positions.

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