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International Day of Peace...a shared ambition to achieve global goals

Doha (UNA/QNA) - Amid a world riven by political disputes and armed wars, international institutions celebrate the International Day of Peace on September 1981st, an annual occasion that was first launched in XNUMX, when the United Nations General Assembly announced its organization as a day that promotes the values ​​of peace and the importance of peace. Nonviolence, ceasefire and hostilities, and its slogan this year is “Working for Peace: Our Ambition to Achieve Global Goals.”

The year 2022 witnessed more than 238 deaths as a result of conflicts, the highest number since the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, while the costs of these conflicts amounted to $17.5 trillion, equivalent to 13 percent of the global gross product, according to the latest report by the Institute of Economics and Peace. In the Global Peace Index, issued in London on June 28, 2023, the index classified the level of global peace in 163 countries on the basis of 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators, based on a list extending from the most to the least peaceful countries, and according to the results of the index, the world has become less peaceful for the ninth year. respectively.

The report gives a shocking example of what the conflict in the Tigray region in Ethiopia has led to, as it topped the list with more than 100 people killed in the conflict there over the course of 2022, in addition to the death of at least twice this number, as a result of disease and famine resulting from fighting between Ethiopian government forces. And Eritrean and among the militants of the “Tigray People’s Liberation Front,” while the Russian war in Ukraine came in second place, with at least 82 thousand people killed.

Among the indicators taken into account in the Global Peace Index are deaths resulting from internal and external conflicts, the homicide rate, the degree of militarization, arms exports, terrorism, political instability, and the number of prisoners.

The celebration of the year 2023 coincides with the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development, which was held on the 18th and 19th of this September, which aimed to bring together different countries and peoples to establish more peaceful, just, and inclusive societies, free of fear and violence, with a focus on the contribution of about 1.2 billion young people alive. Life, as positive and constructive elements, is relied upon for their role in establishing the main pillars of peace, which are fighting inequality, advancing action on climate change, and promoting and protecting human rights, towards a greener, more equitable, just, and safer future for all.

Since the inception of the United Nations, the goals of multilateral disarmament and arms control have remained at the core of its efforts to maintain international peace and security, and the United Nations has given high priority to reducing nuclear weapons, destroying chemical weapons, and strengthening the prohibition of biological weapons – all of which pose the most serious threats to humanity.

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