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Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council: Today, Gulf women play a decisive role in the field of regional and global diplomacy

Riyadh (UNA) - The Secretary-General of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, Jassim Muhammad Al-Budaiwi, congratulated Gulf women on the occasion of Diplomatic Women's Day, which falls on June 24 of each year.
The Secretary-General stressed that the Gulf woman, who was before her creativity in the field of diplomatic work, is the woman who made generations and generations, as she is the pillar of the family in the true meaning of the word, and today, as we have always known, she plays a decisive role in the field of regional and global diplomacy from the beginning of strengthening relations between countries To its diplomatic role in achieving regional and global peace and security.
Al-Amin stated that today, diplomatic women are a symbol of strength and creativity, as they have leadership skills and outstanding negotiating capabilities, and know how to deal with complex diplomatic challenges. In history, there are many events and stories in which women have proven that their active presence in state summits and international negotiations has contributed to strengthening diplomatic communication. between our peoples, and in promoting peace and stability in the region.
He pointed out that the position of Gulf women in diplomatic work reflects the keenness and pride of the leaders of the GCC states - may God protect and preserve them - in promoting gender equality and supporting the role of women in decision-making. An equal and comprehensive work environment for diplomatic women, removing all obstacles and challenges they face, and ensuring that they receive the necessary support and qualification to succeed in their duties, praising the role of Gulf women in the diplomatic field, and their creativity and distinction through their holding high-level diplomatic positions in the ministries and diplomatic organizations in the countries of the Cooperation Council of the States The Arab Gulf, and its representation of its country in many international diplomatic forums is the best representation, indicating that its valuable global contributions in promoting peace, security and cultural understanding have become a source of pride, pride and an example to follow.
He explained that the General Secretariat of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf encourages and pushes diplomatic women to continue their active participation in diplomatic decision-making and contribute to the formation of foreign policies, confident that their capabilities and specialized knowledge will contribute to strengthening the foreign relations of the GCC countries and strengthening their position on the international arena.
The Secretary-General recalled the inauguration of the first meeting of the Standing Committee for Women's Affairs in the GCC countries on May 16, in Muscat, stressing that this committee will have a major role in continuing to highlight the distinguished efforts made by women in our Gulf countries, and will also work to coordinate positions and efforts. The GCC countries participate in international forums and conferences concerned with women, and shed light on the policies, regulations and laws that have been put in place to support women in all fields.

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