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The start of the general referendum on constitutional amendments in Uzbekistan

Tashkent (UNA) - Today, Sunday, a public referendum began in Uzbekistan to vote on the constitutional amendments, with the wide participation of citizens and the presence of international observers.
President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited referendum area No. 59 in the Mirzo Ulugbek district of Tashkent and voted in the referendum.
The polling stations in various cities of Uzbekistan witnessed a turnout of citizens, as well Invitations have been sent to all registered citizens to participate in the referendum.
And the Uzbek authorities prepared All the necessary conditions for voting in the ballot حيث Citizens will vote to approve the Constitutional Law “On the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan”.
The referendum is being monitored directly by 383 international observers from 45 countries and 14 prestigious international organizations in an atmosphere of openness and transparency. The referendum is also covered extensively by local and foreign media.
Voting on constitutional amendments is also taking place at polling stations in diplomatic representations of Uzbekistan in foreign countries.
Under the amendments being completed, the number of articles in the Basic Law is to be increased from the current 128 to 155, and the number of rules from 275 to 434, which will respectively change the content by 65%.

On June 20, 2022, President Mirziyoyev proposed, during a meeting with members of the Constitutional Committee, to adopt amendments to the Constitution through a referendum. When preparing the document, more than 220 proposals were received from citizens of the country, and each proposal was taken into account in the draft of the new constitution.

Amendments to the Constitution are being made in the context of the progress of large-scale reforms in the country. The updated Constitution unites the people of Uzbekistan around the idea of ​​building a developed state, that is, a new Uzbekistan, which takes into account the interests of all segments of the population.

The broad public, political parties, public organizations and representatives of the scientific and cultural community took an active part in the drafting process.

The basis of these constitutional amendments lies in values ​​such as preserving and strengthening the country's independence, and continuing to implement reforms aimed at the growth of the people's welfare and interests, as well as the rule of law and justice, and concern and care for the people.

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