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Kuwaiti Minister of Health: We have not recorded any cases of the mutated (Omicron) and our procedures are still exceptional before its appearance

Kuwait (UNA) - The Kuwaiti Minister of Health, Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Hamoud Al-Sabah, confirmed that no case has been registered so far of the new variant (Omicron) in the State of Kuwait, adding: We are awaiting the final report from international organizations to know its seriousness and what measures will be taken when needed. Sheikh Basil Al-Sabah said, in a press statement at the inauguration of the Al-Funaitees Health Center today, Sunday: Many countries in four continents have announced the emergence of the mutated virus, and they have evidence of its spread, but the initial reports about it are still reassuring. He explained that the procedures of the Ministry of Health in this regard are still exceptional before the emergence of this mutant, which is not to enter the country without vaccination. Pointing out that air traffic will contribute to the spread of viruses and their mutants in the world and their transmission between countries, so we ask everyone to be careful to wear a mask, get the vaccination and the booster dose, and also get a (PCR) examination. He stated that the vaccination rate in Kuwait is excellent, and if the mutated enters, it may cause an increase in the number of infections, stressing that caution is a duty to protect oneself and society. (I finish)

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