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The President of Niger announces the launch of a military campaign to cleanse the southeast of the country from Boko Haram

Niamey (UNA) - Nigerien President Mohamed Bazoum announced yesterday, Saturday, the launch of a military campaign to purge the country’s villages of Boko Haram and ISIS terrorists. Bazoum said, during a press conference held in Diffa in the southeast of the country, which has been witnessing terrorist attacks since 2015, that there are at least two villages in which Boko Haram members have gained a foothold. He added: We will give directions to clear these villages, and we will conduct joint operations with our friends in Nigeria so that the two sides can empty these villages of Boko Haram elements. He stressed that the balance of power is in favor of the Nigerian authorities at the military level, but he warned that the enemy is reorganizing its ranks and possesses great capabilities. Calling for staying vigilant. It is noteworthy that terrorist elements are increasingly active in the west and south of the Diffa region, far from Lake Chad, where their traditional stronghold is. (I finish)

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