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The Supreme Council of Kyrgyzstan elects a new speaker

Bishkek, (UNAYesterday, Tuesday, MP Kanat Isayev was elected as the official spokesman for the Kyrgyz Parliament, winning 78 votes out of 80. Isayev's election comes after the resignation of Dastan Dzhumabekov from the position of the Council's official spokesman on October 5, following demonstrations following the results of the parliamentary elections, followed by the election of Mektebek Abduldayev on October 6, who also submitted his resignation on October 10 of this year. According to Khabar News Agency, some parties that did not win in the recent parliamentary elections organized protests to demand that the election results be annulled and repeated again. The Central Election Commission in Kyrgyzstan canceled the results of the parliamentary elections on October 6, and a new date will be set for their return before November 6. (I finish)

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