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The World Health Organization declares Liberia free of Ebola

Geneva (ENA) - A World Health Organization official announced that the Ebola epidemic has ended in Liberia, after 42 days had passed without any new cases being recorded. Alex Gasasera, at an official event in Monrovia in the presence of Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, said today that the World Health Organization declares that Liberia is free of Ebola virus infection. The official considered that the matter constitutes a huge achievement for Liberia, which in one year witnessed more than 4700 deaths out of 10500 infections. With Liberia getting rid of Ebola, the World Health Organization called for vigilance, as neighboring Sierra Leone and Guinea are still witnessing Ebola cases despite the decline of the epidemic. In total, the virus has led to more than 11 deaths from more than 26500 infections in the three countries since it appeared in southern Guinea in December 2013. (End) Al-Talib Al-Nafi’/H S/ZS

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